Sergey Falkin workshop: copyright stone-cutting plastic and bronze sculpture, flowers and animals in stone, designer jewelry, replica works of Carl Faberge.


"He is a philosopher," - what some say.

"He is a real man" - say others.

"He embodied in the sculpture of his passions and vices," - claim the third.

On the inside and outside of fantasy

Born in a remote village in Baikal Lake region, having no academic art education, Sergey Falkin has created a unique world of images that became a part of the exquisite esthetics of Saint Petersburg. His works of high professional level are remarkable for the wonderful fantasy and deep cultural associations, combination of drama and irony, curiosity and wisdom, they are particularly expressive, laconic and precisely done..

Sergey creates his compositions in different materials, as he works with hard stone, bronze, amber, wood, ivory, ceramics.

How the Big time has begun

He started with classics. In the very beginning he worked in the Hermitage museum and got basic artistic knowledge there. Then he became a restorer at the famous amber workshops in Tzarskoye Selo where Sergey learned to carve amber. It was only then when he started to work with hard stone and very quickly passed the apprenticeship to the masterly level. While continuing Carl Faberge traditions he managed to create his own style in stone-carvings. Having given up the long-lived applied treatment of hard stone Sergey Falkin founded a new trend in hard stone sculpture. In search of plastic arts modern language he kept on working with bronze and definitely succeeded. His imaginary world is diverse: biblical images, human beings, birds, animals, plants, geometrical objects – all of them, real and symbolic, are attractive and ravishing marked with a peculiar style of master.

There is a feeling of the future plastic images in his graphics, which seemed to appear from the thickened air as precursor of material sculptures. In his own technique of drawing Sergey connects contour and space producing the illusion of breath and movement.

Prizes and awards

His artistic mastership and capability to create plastic images were always highly estimated. Sergey Falkin won a lot of worldwide awards. In 2009 the sculpture "Jazz" by Sergey Falkin won the first prize in National competition "Jewelers to the XXI century" organized by The State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the Russian Federation. The artist is a frequent winner of such competitions as "Jewelry Olympus", "To the Glory of Faberge", "Petersburg Jeweler" and "Amber Trip". An exhibit of his carvings took place in Louvre in Paris, within the exhibition Cultural Heritage (2007) where received a very positive public and media response. He was the only foreign sculptor who was invited to participate in the First Biennale "Les Steles de la Creation" in Paris (2009).

The works by Sergey Falkin are in the collections of the State Hermitage, in the Palace of Congresses – Konstantinovskiy Palace in Saint-Petersburg, Anna Akhmatova museum, in the private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, USA and Japan. The works were sold in the auctions: Koller (Zurich, Switzerland), Jackson (New-York, USA), (Stockholm, Sweden).

Tomorrow day

The compositions with mammoth tusks are the beginning of a new project devoted to the North. This iced area keeps the ancient secrets and preserves the unknown treasures. The harmony and wisdom of that world determine the balance of different materials in the sculptures; all of them are equal, with the specific role of each. The images are born from the mode of life full of hard work and based on Northern mythology; they combine routine and poetry, reality and fantasy and create the whole impression of a new energetic point of mankind.

"Dance of shaman" 22.01.2021 "Dance of shaman"
Author's bronze sculpture

"Hunter" 20.01.2021 "Hunter"
New polychrome sculpture

"Fisherman" 14.12.2020 "Fisherman"
New polychrome sculpture