Soldier (Faberge replica)


Face, hands – Belorechensk quarzite

Eyes – sapphires

Hat – silver

King's coat, trousers, high boots – black nephrite

Gun, strap, other elements – enamel, silver, gold

Height 124 mm


Some facts about original “Soldier”.

Stone-cutting figure of “Soldier” was finished to 16 of April in 1910 by Peter Carl Faberge Workshop. Nicolas II of Russia became the first owner of this figure.

The “Soldier” was made from nephrite, avanturine, sapphires, onyx, gold and silver. Also the figure has enameled and gilt pieces.

This figure was the first enamel figure in Peter Carl Faberge Workshop. On the cockade: “Za Tashkisen 19 dek. 1877” (To Tashkisen 19 of Dec(ember) 1877). Height is 12,4 centimeter.

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