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Bronze sculpture made by Sergey Falkin is a special author’s view at bronze. In the author’s sculptural collection you will find series of the author’s bronze artworks with different subjects: Bible’s, North themes, bells and bronze animals (bulls, rhinoceroses, snails, owls, etc.), bronze reliefs and medals , unusual author’s series “Life of Parallelepipeds”, “Parad of the Mummers players”, “Oriental calendar” and many others.

As we can see, over the years, the sculptor has been made a large number of the variety artworks in bronze, since the author's imagination is inexhaustible. There are sculptures, which were subsequently embodied in stone, and in some cases - in bone, but other materials have completely different look, "overgrown" with new meanings.

Bronze sculpture by Sergey Falkin is a new interpretation of the famous stories and new stories written by the author. While creating them all the functional and aesthetic possibilities of bronze are used as much as possible, it takes into consideration all the properties of texture and color characteristics at different ways of artistic casting.

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