"Sliding on Limpopo" series "Oscillating Africa" 17.05.2019 "Sliding on Limpopo" series "Oscillating Africa"
New author's variation of the sculpture in moss agate

"Night vision" 25.04.2019 "Night vision"
There is a new owl in our workshop.

"Cossack" series "When we were kids" 13.04.2019 "Cossack" series "When we were kids"
The new polychrome sculpture.

The auction "Breath of Life" 12.04.2019 The auction "Breath of Life"
Sergey Falkin and other artists of the Baikal region took part in the auction.

"Violinist" 08.04.2019 "Violinist"
Music comes from the depths of his soul, filling everything around.

"Barin woke up" 02.04.2019 "Barin woke up"
An ironic sketch on the theme of Russian life in XVIII-XIX centuries.

"Elk" 27.03.2019 "Elk"
The author's stone-cutting sculpture.

"The Last supper" 13.03.2019 "The Last supper"
“and as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me»

"Drummer" in a new series "When we were kids" 01.03.2019 "Drummer" in a new series "When we were kids"
A new polychrome sculpture of our workshop.

"Incense burner "Spirit of flame" 19.02.2019 "Incense burner "Spirit of flame"
It is a personification of the fiery deity who looks like an old man. 

"Catcher of omul" 07.02.2019 "Catcher of omul"
is a symbolism, an irony and even author's nostalgia for his native Baikal region.

"Mozaic snail" 31.01.2019 "Mozaic snail"
 is not just an interesting form but also a coloristic search...

"Owl" 30.01.2019 "Owl"
A fantasy creature who looks like an owl has some secrets...

"Jazz" 25.01.2019 "Jazz"
Music can express real emotions and conveys what you can't put into words.

"Love triangle" 24.01.2019 "Love triangle"
The next story of parallelepipeds' life is another formula of public relationships.

"Family" 21.01.2019 "Family"
"The family begins with children" - the phrase of the Russian writer Alexander Herzen.

"Adam and Eve" 18.01.2019 "Adam and Eve"
Unusual author's series of bronze sculptures "Life of parallelepipeds" is reflections on relevant, urgent topics.

"The north tango" 27.12.2018 "The north tango"
New author's stone-cutting work is winter and frosty, but at the same time warm.

"Infinity illusion" 20.12.2018 "Infinity illusion"

The new author's work "Infinity illusion" is a snail as a message for thinking about time.

"Milonga" 30.11.2018 "Milonga"
"Milonga" - isn't just a dance...

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