"Elephant" pencil cup" 13.09.2019 "Elephant" pencil cup"
Author's applied art sculpture

"The Big Dipper" 11.09.2019 "The Big Dipper"
is an author's stone-cutting sculpture full of deep ideas.

"Rodeo" 10.09.2019 "Rodeo"
is the fury of a wild bull frozen in the bronze plasticity.

"Pilot" series "When we were kids" 30.08.2019 "Pilot" series "When we were kids"
New polychrome sculpture of our workshop

"Serengeti" 28.08.2019 "Serengeti"
is an allegory of endless plains of the African reserve.

"Black raven" 23.08.2019 "Black raven"
New author's stone-cutting sculpture

"Bouquet" 21.08.2019 "Bouquet"
 is a "sketch" of the moment in the life of one person. 

"On Mars again 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit" project "Michurin's dreams" 14.08.2019 "On Mars again 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit" project "Michurin's dreams"
Extraordinary fantasies about the dreams of the outstanding geneticist gardener Ivan Michurin. 

"Sandpiper" 13.08.2019 "Sandpiper"
is an author's view of a bird

"Pomegranate" 09.08.2019 "Pomegranate"
 is an anthropomorphic state - unity of nature and human beings.

"Asia" 06.08.2019 "Asia"
 is a collective ethnographic image.

"Cyclist" 02.08.2019 "Cyclist"
is a metaphor of the Dutch routine

"Ice skater girl" 31.07.2019 "Ice skater girl"
A rapid ice skater girl, as if she just descended from the winter paintings of Peter Bruegel.

"Cicada" 26.07.2019 "Cicada"
The cicada image is a metaphor of the transience of all living things. 

"At the bottom of the sea" 25.07.2019 "At the bottom of the sea"
When waves rage on the surface breaking into pieces on the rocks...

"Whistle" 23.07.2019 "Whistle"
For a few moments, close your eyes...

"Thirst" 15.07.2019 "Thirst"
Author's view about abstract concept in stone.

"Vase "Torso" 08.07.2019 "Vase "Torso"
The new author's work

"Niccolò Paganini" 04.07.2019 "Niccolò Paganini"
The new author's work is an image-etude of the violin virtuoso Niccolò Paganini.

"Odaullou" 26.06.2019 "Odaullou"

At the end of the day, when the red sun sinks into the sea coloring everything around, a fisherman sits on the shore...

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