"Dance of shaman" 22.01.2021 "Dance of shaman"
Author's bronze sculpture

"Hunter" 20.01.2021 "Hunter"
New polychrome sculpture

"Fisherman" 14.12.2020 "Fisherman"
New polychrome sculpture

"Bull which butts" 11.12.2020 "Bull which butts"
"New year's bullmania" series

"Hockey player" 04.12.2020 "Hockey player"
New polychrome sculpture

"Bull by the horns" 13.11.2020 "Bull by the horns"
The new author's bronze bell

"Enki" 11.11.2020 "Enki"
new composition of the stonecarver from our workshop

"The abduction of Europa" 28.10.2020 "The abduction of Europa"
New author's sculpture

"The Big Dipper" 21.10.2020 "The Big Dipper"

"Li Bo" 09.10.2020 "Li Bo"
New author's bronze sculpture

"Silent hunting" 03.10.2020 "Silent hunting"
New polychrome sculpture

Taurus 19.09.2020 Taurus
 is an allegorical representation of the constellation of Taurus

"Inari" 16.09.2020 "Inari"
the goddess of abundance, rice, and everyday success

"Grey eyes snail" 10.09.2020 "Grey eyes snail"
New work of stone carving artists of our workshop

"Cello" 21.08.2020 "Cello"
An anthropomorphic image was embodied in bronze

"Bird" 19.08.2020 "Bird"
Author's stone-cutting sculpture

"Taming" 14.08.2020 "Taming"
An ironic interpretation of a story from Ancient Greek mythology

"Saint Nicholas" 11.08.2020 "Saint Nicholas"
is a metaphorical image that reflects the national and cultural traditions

"Sister of mercy" 08.08.2020 "Sister of mercy"
New polychrome sculpture of our workshop

"Gothic" snail" 05.08.2020 "Gothic" snail"

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