"Sliding on Limpopo" series "Oscillating Africa" 19.05.2020 "Sliding on Limpopo" series "Oscillating Africa"
The new one in the "African family"...

"Over time" 13.05.2020 "Over time"
New author's bronze work.

"Drop" 16.04.2020 "Drop"
New author's stone-cutting work.

"Abraham and Isaac" 09.04.2020 "Abraham and Isaac"
is an attempt to rethink philosophical work "Fear and Trembling" by Søren Kierkegaard.

"Starfall" 07.04.2020 "Starfall"
is one of the first author's stone-cutting works.

"Urbania" snail" 31.03.2020 "Urbania" snail"
is the image of time and development.

"Elephant" series "Oscillating Africa" 20.03.2020 "Elephant" series "Oscillating Africa"
Author's stone-cutting story.

"Trumpeter" 12.03.2020 "Trumpeter"
Author's bronze sculpture.

"Tango formula" 05.03.2020 "Tango formula"
Author's stone-cutting sculpture.

"Ponaekhali" to St.-Petersburg 12.02.2020 "Ponaekhali" to St.-Petersburg
International fine art fair.

"Ponaekhali!" to St.-Petersburg 07.02.2020 "Ponaekhali!" to St.-Petersburg
the international fine art fair.

"Burkhan. Olkhon" 29.01.2020 "Burkhan. Olkhon"
New author's bronze sculpture.

"Rooster" series "Oriental calendar" 09.01.2020 "Rooster" series "Oriental calendar"
is one of animals' images in stone and bronze presented in simple and minimalistic plasticity.

"Young Frost" series "When we were kids" 27.12.2019 "Young Frost" series "When we were kids"
It's a quiet frosty evening...

"Queen" 11.12.2019 "Queen"
an author's view of usual story.

"Christmas skating" 06.12.2019 "Christmas skating"
The spirit of celebration and simple happiness in the moment.

"Fireman" series "When we were kids" 21.11.2019 "Fireman" series "When we were kids"
The new polychrome sculpture in series of dreamy boys.

"Baikal Jewelry Salon 2019" and competition "Silver Babr" 30.10.2019 "Baikal Jewelry Salon 2019" and competition "Silver Babr"
From October 31 to November 4, 2019 in Irkutsk "Baikal Jewelry Salon" will take place.

"Cardiogram of Lake Baikal" 24.10.2019 "Cardiogram of Lake Baikal"
New author's stone-carving sculpture.

"Football player" 17.10.2019 "Football player"
The new polychrome sculpture of our workshop.

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